Eye on Design | Black and White in Color

Some of the most intriguing photos I’ve taken in color have turned out to be black and white.  Without color, the graphic patterns and unique shapes of the world reveal themselves…and they can be every bit as captivating as an explosion of color.

I loved the juxtaposition of this modern bench against the aged stone of the Kunstindustrimuseet in Copenhagen.

Look at the details in this random collection of objects in an antique store in Paris.

During fashion week in Milan, large signs with instructions for the models were placed at the entrance to the catwalks.

These centuries-old drawings at the Paris flea market are weighted down by an intricately cut metal ornament.

Windows illuminate the warm stone inside the tower of the cathedral of St. Emilion, France, until they are engulfed by shadows at the top.

In the Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek Museum in Copenhagen, these Edgar Degas bronze sculptures balance on their black pedestals.

Metal garden furniture perched on the veranda of Chateau Gaby in Bordeaux, France is elegant in its simplicity.

I love letters.  I took these photographs in Copenhagen.

This creative table setting display is at Caravane, one of my favorite stores in Paris.

Without color, the delicate details in the forms and patterns of this Danish porcelain are plain to see.  I guess that’s what I find compelling about these colorless photos. It’s all there. In black and white.