Eye on Design | Rome | Bike Gallery

I’ve been to a lot of art galleries, but I’ve never seen one quite like this one in Rome.

“Bike Gallery” is literally a bicycle…parked in Via Margutta with art propped against it and around it.  Kevin Pineda, from London, and Robberto, from Rome, are the enterprising artists who devised this clever display to promote not only their work, but the gallery where they are represented.

The detail in Kevin’s miniature drawings of London and Rome architecture is meticulous.  In some cases he separates a detail, resulting in drawings that look like a graphic abstract.  They are displayed in the street in an old suitcase.

Anatomy books were the inspiration for Robberto’s painting on the left.  The painting on the right is pierced with holes, and he intends to add a light box behind it.

I loved Robberto’s expressionist representation of Alice in Wonderland and the White Rabbit.

These two talented artists have taken to the street to bring their art to the world.  Watch out for them…they’re going places.

I don’t search for something strange or something new, but just something true.
Robberto, Rome