Eye on Design | Budapest | Műcsarnok Kunsthalle

From the outside, the building on Budapest’s Heroes’ Square looks like a big old traditional art museum.  Don’t be fooled. 

Walk through the door into an elaborately embellished, neo-Renaissance, pink and green entrance hall, manned by a Hungarian woman reading tabloids and drinking Coke. 

Through the massive wooden door is a startlingly white, expansive space.  It was tremendous.

The c. 1896 Műcsarnok, or “art hall,” is run exclusively as an exhibition hall.  There is no permanent collection, so artists from around the world are invited to show their work. 

When I was there, the paintings of Belgian artist, Michaël Borremans, were on display in a show he titled, “Eating the Beard.”  Believe me, some of the paintings were as odd as the title, which, according to the leaflet, symbolizes the “almost impossible.” 

Borremans work was truly unique, and the way it was displayed in this stunning setting made it even more extraordinary.

Check the website for the current exhibition, and don’t miss this remarkable museum.

1146 Budapest, Dózsa György u. 37.
Transport: Millenniumi Underground – Hősök tere megálló (Heroes’ Square)
Tel: +36 1 460 7000