Vienna | Hotel König von Ungarn

I’m not going to lie…my friend, Annie, and I had already checked into another hotel in Vienna.  Without naming names, I will say that we weren’t thrilled with it.  (Bad location, bad smell…bad.) We hadn’t discussed changing hotels…but then we stumbled upon Hotel König von Ungarn.


Just down the street from Stephensplatz, in the same building where Mozart once lived, was this charming hotel.  Without saying a word, we knew we had to move.  The kind man at the desk made us immediately feel we’d come home.

Hotel König von Ungarn is the oldest hotel in Vienna, in operation since 1746.  The name means “King of Hungary,” a reference to the days of the Austro-Hungarian Empire in the 19th century when Hungarian aristocrats lived there.

The glass-roofed courtyard is lovely.  A sublime place to have a coffee, or a glass of wine.

I loved this tea cart with the temptingly delicious cake under glass domes.

The room was a lovely two-bedroom suite.  The wood-paneled hallway inside the door led to one bedroom.

A door in the hallway opened into a sweet blue and white bathroom.

Up a tiny winding staircase just inside the door was my room…a childhood fantasy of a room under the eaves, complete with a draped alcove bed and cozy sitting room.

One of my favorite features was the dormer window that looked out on the same little street that Mozart looked out on as he wrote,”Marriage of Figaro” from his studio in the building.

With Cafe’ Diglas down one street, the magnificent St. Stephen’s Church down another, and the entrance to Mozart’s apartment around the corner, Hotel König von Ungarn is perfectly placed in the heart of Vienna.

The fortuitous move to this enchanting hotel most definitely made the experience in Vienna a magical one.

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