GUEST POST Norway | Kviknes Hotel | Cecilie Moestue

Summer in Norway conjures up visions of magnificent fjords and the spellbinding midnight sun.  Where better to get a hotel recommendation than from Norwegian travel blogger, Cecilie Moestue.

Last summer I stayed at Kvikne Hotel in Balestrand, near the Sognefjord.

Its a beautiful old wooden hotel, built in 1877 by the Kvikne family, who still own the hotel.

I recommend staying in the historic part of the hotel, where the interiors are still filled with art and antiques from the generations of the Kvikne family.

The best part is the veranda…the view overlooking the Sognefjord is breathtaking!

Photo credit:  Eirik Solheim

Kviknes Hotel
Kviknevegen 8
Postboks 24