County Galway | The Gig Rig Comes to Town

Their feet move like lightning, twirling and tapping, and springing into the air.  It’s not Riverdance.  It’s the villagers of Clifden, County Galway, Ireland, where dancing seems to be woven into the fabric of their everyday lives.

It was a rainy Friday afternoon, but folks of all ages, shapes, and sizes, came out for the Connemara Gig Rig. 

Musicians played their reels (a reel is any dance danced to music in reel time), oblivious of the pandemonium in the street.

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It wasn’t long before volunteers climbed on stage to display their fancy footsteps.

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The music and dancing went on into the evening, and the Gig Rig packed up and rolled away until next time.

The next day, a group of young girls proved that they didn’t need a gig rig to perform.  There they were, on the street corner, fiddling and dancing their hearts out.

Just an ordinary Saturday afternoon in Clifden. 

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What a charmed life!

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