Como | Antichita Bottega d’Arte

The Lombardi family owns three antique stores in Como.  Each one is filled with museum-quality art, furniture, and objects, some dating back to the 17th century. 

I’m a treasure hunter, and I love an antique store, but it’s not often you find antique owners that are tall, dark, handsome twin brothers!

Mario Lombardi opened the first of the three stores in the 1970’s, and his twin sons, Alessandro and Andrea, have expanded the business.

They have more than enough treasures to fill three stores.

I was particularly enthralled by the Murano chandeliers.

I loved this painting. 

An important, and eye-catching, mid-century aluminum sculpture by Italian artist Valeriano Trubbiani was a point of pride for the brothers.  They showed proof of its value in an art book they had on hand.

Each shop has its own personality, but what unifies them is the remarkable collection of art and objects . . .

. . . and, of course, those handsome Italian brothers.

Antichita Bottega d’Arte
Via Diaz, 18
Via Diaz, 34
Via T. Gallium, 3
Como, Italy