Bellagio | Barchetta Ristorante

On the shores of Lake Como is a charming little village called Bellagio.  Steep steps lead up the mountain to tiny lanes buzzing with activity.  The garden terrace of Barchetta Ristorante is a tranquil respite, high above the madding crowds.

When I travel, I am constantly moving.  Every once in awhile, I just need to stop, and savor a moment.  Barchetta was one of those times.

The restaurant has been serving up classic Italian dishes and fresh fish from Lake Como since 1887.  I had homemade gnocchi and delicately fried zucchini.

A glass of cold prosecco, and sparkling water in fine cut glass . . .

. . . but it’s really not about the food or drink . . . it’s just one of those memorable places that will always be on my list of “loves.”

Barchetta Ristorante
Salita Mella, 13
Bellagio, Como – Italy
Tel +39 031 95.13.89