Eye on Design | Buenos Aires | Perez Sanz | Sculptural Accessories

When a metal sculptor focuses his talent on fashion and home accessories, you know they’re going to be incredible.  While I was in Buenos Aires, I went back to Perez Sanz several times, just to gaze at the gorgeousness.

Julio Perez Sanz has been crafting his “sculptures” since 1966. He and his son, Luciano, make everything by hand in their Buenos Aires studio.  The pieces range from elegant to whimsical, each item made with exquisite attention to detail.

I was fascinated by the tassels.  Each one was a work of art.  Imagine them as tie-backs for draperies, or simply looped around a banister.

The jewelry was to die for.  Semi-precious stones, and mother-of-pearl, in striking settings…truly wearable art.

This woven leather choker, with a stone in the center, was tempting.  So unusual, and it came in many colors.

The handbags were so remarkable, I’d use one as a decorative item in my house.

For me, the highlight was the belts.  I was obsessed with the belts.  Check it out…

First, you choose a woven leather belt.  They come in a variety of colors and sizes.

Then you choose a buckle, from silk-lined drawers filled with a treasure trove of fabulous choices. 

Oh, so many choices, and each one more awe-inspiring than the next.

The buckles have hooks on the back that fasten into the woven leather.  This way, it’s easy to change buckles for different looks.

Yes, I bought a belt.  I was not leaving here without one. 

(You didn’t really think I was going to keep going back there and then leave empty-handed, did you?)

This was the buckle that I (finally) chose.

My only regret is that I didn’t buy this one, too.  Why, oh, why?

Wait a minute…they have a store in New York now…hmmmmmm.

Perez Sanz
Posadas 1477
Posadas 1317
Buenos Aires

20 E 69th Street
New York, NY