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Castadiva is a magnificent stone villa on the shore of Lake Como. Need I say more? Okay, twist my arm, I’ll tell you more.

Villa Roccabruno has a musical history—when Italian opera singer, Guiditta Pasta, bought it in 1827, it became a gathering place for composers and opera singers of the time.

Guiditta Pasta

Villa Roca - Castadiva Resort - Blevia - Como - Italy

Castadiva is now a grand hotel, gloriously designed with inspiration from the villa’s musical past, and the spectacular view of Lake Como.

Castadiva Resort - Blevia - Como - Italy

Lake Como - Castadiva Resort - Blevia - Como - Italy

The design of the hotel is befitting its history as the home of a diva. Jewel tones preside.

Castadiva Resort - Blevia - Como - Italy

Castadiva Resort - Blevia - Como - Italy


The interior was stunning, but a pool floating in Lake Como? Jaw-dropping. Yeah, this is luxury.

Inside the villa, there’s an indoor pool, and saunas, and steam rooms. (One day I tried out each and every pool activity.)

If you’re so inclined, there’s even a boat anchored under the villa that can be used to tour the lake.

To reach the guest suites, a tree-lined stone walkway stretches alongside the lake.

The suites are outfitted with kitchen, living room, and separate bedroom and bathroom. I’d like to move in. Permanently.

The best part? Both living room and bedroom open on to a balcony overlooking glorious Lake Como.

As luck would have it, I arrived on the day of Ferragosto, an Italian holiday celebrated on August 15. Originally a celebration put in place by Emperor Augustus in ancient Rome, it is now a national day set aside for festivities. Works for me.

At Castadiva, the party began in the early evening with cocktails and fresh sushi at the pool.

Later in the evening, dinner was set up on the expansive green lawn. Black tablecloths, white napkins, velvet chairs, candlelight. Lovely. Perfect.

Dinner was served, and wine poured . . . and then a show was announced. It was a light and water show, set to music. Like fireworks, but with water. The jets of water shot up from all around the pool, and changed with the colors of the lights in time to the operatic music. I’d never seen anything quite like it.

The celebration of Ferragosto was certainly a bonus, but really every day at this magical place, on the shores of the awe-inspiring Lake Como, is worthy of a celebration.

Castadiva Resort
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