COOL HOTELS | Bordeaux | La Maison Bord’eaux

Behind an unassuming gray door (you’d miss it if you didn’t know it was there) on a quiet backstreet, is La Maison Bord’eaux, a stunning boutique hotel in Bordeaux, France.

Within this typical 18th century limestone building, is a playfully designed contemporary interior. Thierry, the manager, opens the door with a welcoming grin and efficiently takes charge of parking the car in some mysterious location. I’m whisked into a tall-ceilinged reception room framed by columns whose Ionic capitals have been, surprisingly, painted cobalt blue.

As someone whose home is decidedly neutral in color, I am fascinated by interiors brimming with color. You can’t miss the kitchen, through an open arch…it’s bright apple green. I love the juxtaposition of the old carved marble mantle in the midst of riotous color and the utilitarian supplies of the kitchen. Lunch was being prepared and it looked, and smelled, delicious.

The lounge is, well, I guess befittingly, bordeaux red. The love notes of the delightful Zettel’z chandelier designed by German designer, Ingo Maurer, are suspended above red sofas and black cubes.

Through a peaceful courtyard is the carriage house, where sleek rooms with Hermès bath products sit above a sun-filled lounge lined with books and modern art.

Bordeaux is home base for the surrounding vineyards, hundreds of chateaux, and spectacular medieval architecture. After exploring all that history (and drinking all that wine), La Maison Bord’eaux is both a refreshing contrast and a très chic place to rest your head.

113 Rue du Docteur Albert Barraud
Bordeaux, France