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The hip and happening area of Södermalm has been getting a lot of attention in the past few years:

It was recently ranked as one of Vogue magazine’s “World’s Coolest Neighborhoods.”.

And from the New York Times: “Södermalm has evolved from a gritty, working-class neighborhood into Stockholm’s hippest district, with the area south of Folkungagatan — nicknamed SoFo — the trendsetting epicenter of the entire city.”

Starting with lunch at Urban Deli, here’s some of my favorite stops and shops in SoFo.

[I’ll list all the details at the bottom of the post.]

Urban Deli_Sodermalm_stockholm_sweden

Urban Deli is a restaurant, bar, deli, and store, all rolled into one hipster place.

Urban Deli_SoFo_Stockholm_sweden

There’s fabulous daily lunch specials (pasta carbonara, eggplant gratin, barbeque trout, to name a few) and a help-yourself counter of salad, bread, and coffee.  Everything is freshly made and delicious, and it’s perfectly located for a stop in the action during a day in SoFo.

Urban Deli_Sofo_Stockholm_Sweden

Nordlings Antik has some of the most incredible 20th century Scandinavian antiques that I’ve ever seen – like these c. 1960’s “Koristepullo” hand blown vases, designed by Nanny Still.

Nordlings Antik_SoFo_Stockholm_Sweden

The family business has been there since 1972, and the owners are extremely knowledgeable about the artists and craftspeople of the period.

I was particularly fascinated by the collection of teak salt and pepper mills, designed by Jens H. Quistgaard, in the 1960’s.

Jens H. Quistgaard pepper mills_Nordlings Antik_Stockholm_Sweden

Jens H. Quistgaard pepper mills_Nordlings Antik_Stockholm_Sweden

These stunning mid-century brass candlesticks and vases were designed by Pierre Forsell.

Pierre Forsell for Skulltuna_stockholm_sweden

Pierre Forsell brass_Stockholm_Sweden

Grandpa was a store I spent a lot of time in…perusing the eclectic mix of (both vintage and new) clothes, shoes, jewelry, and home accessories.



Down the street is Kruk Makeri, Anne Junsjö’s tiny pottery workshop.


Her delicate pottery is both made and sold here.



Antique store Wigerdals Värld, is a treasure trove of mid-century Scandinavian teak furniture, lighting, tableware, and accessories. Mats Wigerdal (seen on the phone in my photo) is the friendly proprietor.

Wigerdals Värld_Stockholm_sweden

Wigerdals Värld_Stockholm_Sweden

Herr Judit, down the street from Wigerdal’s, was a style moment palooza.

Herr Judit_Stockholm_Sweden

Let the style moments begin.

Herr Judit_Stockholm_sweden

Herr Judit_Stockholm_Sweden

Herr Judit_Stockholm_Sweden

That’s it for today, but keep in mind that this is just a sampling of the multitudes of groovy shops and restaurants in SoFo. 

The strategy is, as always, to wander. 

And discover. 

Herr Judit_Stockholm_Sweden

[Trivia note: Södermalm is the home of fictional crime-fighting journalist, Mikael Blomkvist, in Steig Larrson’s “Girl With the Dragon Tattoo.”.]


Urban Deli
Nytorget 4

Nordlings Antik
Skånwgatan 86

Södermannagatan 21

Wigerdals Värld
Krukmakargatan 14

Herr Judit
Krukmakargatan 22