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While I was working in Los Angeles, art directing Food Network show, “Daphne Dishes“, I got the opportunity to eat at some fabulous restaurants. POT, the latest venture from celebrated L.A. chef, Roy Choi, is a restaurant not to be missed.


Choi’s meteoric rise to fame is like a movie script.  Fired from a prominent restaurant, Choi became a food truck pioneer, serving up Korean BBQ and tacos.  By tweeting the changing locations of the truck he soon gained a massive following.

kogi food truck_ roy choi_flickr laine treesPhoto, Flickr user Laine Trees

Named Food and Wine Magazine’s Best New Chef in 2010, he branched out into opening his own restaurants, and building his culinary empire. 

(By coincidence, his life is not unlike the script for the 2014 movie “Chef“.  Choi was a producer on the film, and his friend, Jon Favreau, the film’s star and director, actually worked in Choi’s restaurant kitchens to learn the ropes for the part.)

POT (a nod to the traditional Korean hot pot, but with a green neon sign that calls to mind a marijuana dispensary) is Choi’s latest restaurant, located in the trendy boutique hotel, The Line, in Koreatown. 


The restaurant is a lively (I might even say raucous) hipster joint with a hip hop soundtrack, serving up Choi’s own version of Korean fusion cuisine. Bowls, chopsticks and metal water cups are neatly placed in cubbyholes set into each of the long communal tables. 

POT_Los Angeles_California

On top, there’s a plastic pitcher of iced barley tea and a roll of paper towels.  Floral print aprons are handed out, to tie around your neck like a bib.  An induction burner set into the center of each table keeps the family-style food warm. 

POT_Los Angeles_California

The menu looks like a trendy newspaper, with its bold graphics, and of-the-moment slang.

POT_los Angeles_California

Both the names and the ingredients of the food are uniquely imaginative: Beep Beep (sea urchin and rice), You Okay, Guey? (beef tartare, pears, pine nuts, egg, rice chips), Boot Knocker (tofu, ramen, canned meats, rice cakes, pork and seafood broth), Garbage (soy bean paste, veggies, tofu), Jiggae What Jiggae Who (kimchi, rice cakes, pork belly), and Rooster Sauce (spicy chicken, onions, peppers, herbs). 

POT_photo, jakob n laymanBeep Beep – Photo, Jakob N. Layman for Time Out L.A.

bootknocker_pot_jakob n layman_time out laBoot Knocker – Photo, Jakob N. Layman for Time Out L.A.

POT is a restaurant that will tell you everything you want to know about the food scene in Los Angeles right now, and Roy Choi is the trailblazer. 

pot_jakob n layman photo_time out laPhoto, Jakob N. Layman for Time Out L.A.

Roy Choi photo, Adrian Gaut © The Line Hotel, L.A.

[If you want to know more about Roy Choi, see his cookbook and memoir, L.A. Son.  He can also be seen on the CNN television show, Street Food.]

3515 Wilshire Boulevard
Los Angeles, CA 90010
(213) 368-3030