Learn a Language | Earworms Learning

No it’s not a parasite…this “rapid learning” language program really works. With the use of rhythm, music, and repetition, the words are literally burned into your brain. (What person-of-a-certain-age doesn’t remember “Voulez-vous coucher avec moi, ce soir” from the song?)

Before I travel, I download the program from iTunes and load it onto my iPod so I can listen and learn while I walk my dog. (Give yourself a couple weeks.) By the time I go, I have enough basic knowledge of the language to communicate.

Really. It’s etched in.

The only funny thing is, I when I say the words, I often hear the Earworms background music in my head. I will forever hear Italian numbers, eleven through twenty, in a very specific techno rhythm.

Now please excuse me while I go learn how to speak Portugese…

Tenha um ótimo dia!


Photographs, Earworms Learning