Eye on Design | The Art of Daily Life

Have you ever been literally stopped in your tracks by the simple beauty of bread in a bakery window?  I am constantly surprised by the splendor that can be found in everyday life.  These unintentional commonplace vignettes can be every bit as awe-inspiring as a great work of art in a museum.

Somewhere in my travels I started photographing these “still life” moments.  From a trio of rosaries on a church pedestal, to the swirls in the frothy milk of a cappuccino, I feel compelled to commemorate these moments in the most artistic fashion I can manage in each given situation. There is one photo that I especially love, because of its beauty, and because it did literally stop me in my tracks on a very stressful morning in Florence when I was racing down the street to find a rental car.  Even in my haste, I caught sight of, and stopped to photograph, a crate of gorgeous plump mushrooms, still caked with earth and nestled among pine fronds, sitting beside containers of bright red strawberries with perfect green starburst leaves, and on top, glossy brown chestnuts in their own wooden crate.  A serendiptitous work of art.

“Design demands observation,” said famed industrial designer, Achille Castiglioni.

Spotting a still life, and stopping to photograph it wherever I go, is both an artistic endeavor and my own person version of stopping to smell the roses.

Butter packet, Coreglia Antelminelli, Italy

Capuccino + pastries, Milan, Italy

Mushrooms, Paris, France

Rosaries, Chiesa San Michele, Corellia Antelminelli, Italy

Flowers, Venice, Italy

Clock and picture, Casina di Coreglia, Italy

Bread + beer, Cofoco restaurant, Copenhagen, Denmark

Marzipan, Milan, Italy

2 responses to “Eye on Design | The Art of Daily Life”

  1. Letti

    My favorite job of all time was as a baker.  I used to make those same bread braids!  I can smell them just thinking about them.  Yum!

  2. Lois R.

    “Still life” moments continue to amaze me and enrich my life too. Thanks for sharing some of yours. There are some pictures I can’t seem to look at often enough as I keep seeing and feeling more each time I look.  I am truly enjoying your pictures and writing.