If it’s Europe, it must be Fashion Week

I’m in Paris and it’s fashion week. I didn’t know it would be fashion week when I booked my trip, but I should have guessed…because in the past year, without planning it, I’ve hit fashion week wherever I go.

The coincidence is becoming a bit peculiar. Last year, I hit both Spring and Fall fashion weeks in Milan.  Recently I was in Copenhagen, and who even knew they had a fashion week, but, sure enough, it was happening while I was there. 

In Paris, there’s a massive white tent that stretches along the Jardins des Tuileries.  By mistake (I swear), I wandered into preparations for a show in the nearby Musée des Arts Décoratifs.  I made myself useful, holding the door for a rack of clothing discreetly covered in black garment bags.

During Milan fashion week, there are events all over the city.  The festive atmosphere is everywhere, and people look even more chic than usual.  I went to the exhibition of the Spring fashions last September, and got a preview of the hot fashions for the upcoming season.

I was fascinated by the young girls that modeled fashions for business-savvy buyers in suits.  They had to stand in place indefinitely while decisions were being made…the glamour of being a part of fashion week had clearly lost it’s sheen for them, because they looked bored to tears.  (I caught one girl texting when no one was looking.)

The runway show backstage signs were at the exhibition, giving the models instructions for the catwalk.  “BE SMILEY!!! POSE at the end of the CATWALK!” for one designer and “DON’T POSE!!! DON’T SMILE!!!” for another.

In Copenhagen, supermodel Helena Christensen hosted a runway show, titled “The World’s Longest Catwalk,” that stretched through the center of the city.  Pink carpet extended 1.6 kilometers along Stroget, from Kongens Nytorv to Radhuspladsen. 

My feet hurt just thinking about walking that distance in five inch heels.  To add insult to injury, it started raining as soon as the show started, making for what had to have been a challenging walk! Only a stalwart model could keep that face, and elaborately coiffed hair, in place under those conditions.  (I saw one after the show who looked shattered, and in desperate need of a cocktail.)

I haven’t planned my next trip yet, but wherever I go it will most likely be fashion week!

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  1. I love the pink catwalk…and I was just told slouchy socks were in!