Learn a Language | Words of the Day

In my never-ending quest to learn the languages of the countries I am traveling to, I came across Transparent Language. 

If you subscribe (it’s free) you can receive their “Word of the Day” each morning in your e-mail.  Click on the speaker icon to hear the word spoken, and hear it used in a sentence by a native.  Obviously it’s no substitute for a language class, but I love hearing the words each morning…and I actually do remember some of them!

My favorite recent Italian word of the day:
English translation: simply
(I love how everything sounds better in Italian.)

My favorite recent French word of the day is actually a phrase:
Coup de foudre
English translation: love at first sight
(Literally translated, it means something akin to “struck by lightning”…ah, the French!)


One response to “Learn a Language | Words of the Day”

  1. Susie

    Just signed up for the German Word of the Day – now I’ll be able to say something to my daughter Rachel when I call her in Dresden! Thanks!