Weird but Wonderful | A Fine Spectacle

It was lunchtime, and the outside tables at the restaurants on Fiolstraede in Copenhagen were fully occupied.  A street band gave up their place to an accordion player…no one took much notice.

The accordionist began to play and soon became background music to the masses.  When he was a few bars into Puccini’s aria, “O Mia Babbino Caro,” a robust man in a Hawaiian shirt stopped eating, stood up, and burst into song with a powerful, resonant voice that stopped people in their tracks.  Red-faced with passion, he finished the aria with a booming voice, stirring up a spirit of enthusiasm and joy in the crowd.  As he held the final note, rounds of applause rang through the square.

Funny though, the only person who wasn’t impressed was his wife, sitting across from him, eating her lunch as if nothing at all was happening.

One response to “Weird but Wonderful | A Fine Spectacle”

  1. Edy

    This picture gave me a good laugh this morning!  How funny his wife was so unaffected.  Your photography is great, I felt like I was there.