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Who doesn’t dream of owning a pied-a-terre in Paris?  American couple, Alon and Betsy Kasha, made that dream a reality…and a business called a + b kasha.

On a recent visit to Paris, a window posted with photographs of gorgeously renovated apartments drew me into an office on the rue de l’Université.  Inside, I met Betsy Kasha, who regaled me with the tale of how the purchase and renovation of a Paris apartment led to the launch of their business.

While living in London, Betsy and her husband, Alon, bought and renovated a pied-a-terre in Paris.  They transformed their property, updating it while maintaining the original, historical character.  When it became evident that this type of thoughtful and tasteful renovation was not only uncommon in Paris, but highly sought after, they moved to Paris and a + b kasha was born.

Betsy took me on an awe-inspiring tour of several a+ b kasha apartments, which are all in the charming neighborhood of Saint Germain-des-Près.  The Rue de Lille property (interior pictured at top) overlooks the Musee D’Orsay, the Seine, and, in the distance, Sacre Coeur.  The view is spectacular, but the apartment is the star…spacious, high-ceilinged, with elegant architectural details, a beautifully timeless kitchen, and luxurious bathrooms.

The stunning row of tall windows extending throughout the Rue de Bourgogne residence overlook a private cobblestone lane between 17th and 18th century buildings.  The windows are new, but the period hardware was replaced, so they seem like they’ve always been there.  State-of-the-art kitchen appliances take a back seat to the graceful original marble mantlepiece of the fireplace. Vented wood panels conceal modern conveniences, ie. central air conditioning.  There’s also the brilliant (this is genius!) feature of a guest apartment, a cozy room across the hall, for the inevitable visitors. 

The Rue Martignac apartment, still under construction, is situated between two streets on either side of the beautiful Eglise Sainte Clotilde, providing light from tall windows at front and back.  The living room overlooks an enchanting roof garden across the street, and I couldn’t help imagining the small sunny room off the dining room as my office, in the fantasy where I move in! 

Each property is completely unique, but has the common denominator of Betsy and Alon’s exquisite taste and meticulous attention to detail.  The result is a stunning, sophisticated, turn-key home that truly captures the “art of the pied-a-terre.”

Photos 1,3,5,6,9 courtesy of a + b kasha

a+b kasha showroom
16 rue de l’Université
75007 Paris
t: +33 1 45 44 08 10
f: +33 1 45 44 08 88

Follow the renovation of their properties on the blog, Rive Gauche Rehab.

3 responses to “Paris | A & B Kasha”

  1. Christi

    I too want to move in!!!  Perhaps I can recreate this in my dream home someday.

  2. Cindy

    When do I move in?  The apartments are beautiful, with stunning Paris (as art, itself) creating a backdrop!

  3. My fantasy: to visit you here at least once a year!!