London | Royal Wedding Eve

On the evening before the Royal Wedding, the crowds have gathered to camp out along the Mall, the wide boulevard leading to Buckingham Palace.

From as far away from Australia, revelers have set up camp with signs and flags, food and drink, in the largest street party you’ve ever seen.  Flowers have been woven into the fencing along the route.  Fast friends are made as Brits and Americans, Canadians and Australians, celebrate side by side.  Children are in their pajamas, and adults are preparing to party all night.

Policeman guard the entrance to Clarence House, where Will and Henry are spending the night with Charles and Camilla.  The onlookers were rewarded with a surprise visit from the groom and his brother, who came out and shook hands along the Mall and received the resounding approval of their royal subjects.  Several voices expressed the sentiment, “Your mum would be so proud of you.”

Photo credit, The Mirror, London

A few blocks away, Kate waved to onlookers as she prepares to spend the night before her wedding at The Goring Hotel with her family and friends.

Photo credit, The Mirror, London

Buckingham Palace is glowing with the excitement of the day to come, when Prince William marries his Princess and everyone all over the land wishes love and happiness to their future king and queen.

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