Paris | Le petit-déjeuner complète

When I’m in Paris, I have the same breakfast every morning at Le Comptoir Des Saints-Pères…”le petit-déjeuner complète.”

Each day, I sit at the same stool with my kindle, and a man named Phillippe serves me breakfast: a café au lait and a jus d’orange pressé (he puts a whole orange into the juicer in front of me and it comes out all yummy and foamy and it’s served with an ice cube, and a little spoon to stir…ooh la la), a buttered piece of baguette, and a flaky fresh croissant.  Phillippe gives me a tiny jar of confiture (jam) from a tray of assorted preserves, and I love wondering which one I’ll get, and not having to decide.

Could there be a more perfect start to a day?

I don’t think so.

Le Comptoir Des Saints-Pères
29 Rue Saints-Pères

4 responses to “Paris | Le petit-déjeuner complète”

  1. So the two types of tile on the floor, the stool top design, and the wood of the counter, great eye for capturing complex detail. And it makes me wonder if that was all designed but just evolved over time or was a happy accident!

  2. Ann

    You are a regular in a Parisian cafe… fabulous.
    Indeed… what could be more perfect?

  3. Christi

    sounds pretty perfect to me!

  4. Edy

    That orange juice sounds amazing!  What fun not to have to make any decisions.  May I join you??????