Paris | Sunday in the Park

“In certain corners of the Luxembourg garden you could almost believe yourself in the countryside. There was nothing more delicious, after a wearying day, than to find yourself hidden among these great trees, to forget Paris in the center of Paris, to smell the invigorating scents of earth and vegetation.”

Jules François Simon, 19th century French statesman

The words of Monsieur Simon rang true for me today as I spent a glorious afternoon in the Jardin du Luxembourg.  My photographs speak more clearly than any words…

4 responses to “Paris | Sunday in the Park”

  1. Susan

    Oh, yes …these are the days.  And did you notice that the green of the water was the same green sensibility of the beds and lawn all around?  It was GREAT!!  You and your camera did it justice …

  2. Jen


    You captured the beginning of the fall season.  It’s the mixed color in the leaves, turning from soft green to gold, accompanied by the warm breeze.

    Thank you for your recommendation on dinner in St. Germain last evening. We thoroughly enjoyed it and we are now on a mission to replicate the lovely steak sauce. This will be a good winter project.


  3. Christi

    You brought me back to a time when I walked through those garden.  Thank you for those pictures and for a trip down memory lane.

  4. Edy

    Thank you for taking me to the Jardin de Luxembourg this Sunday morning.  I feel as though I was there, and I didn’t even have to leave my chair!  Your photos are amazing!