Amalfi Coast | The Sirens

One morning I looked out from my balcony in Positano and saw this ship sailing across the harbor, in front of the islands of Homer’s famous sirens.  The Li Galli islands in the distance are where those famous seductresses lured sailors to their deaths in Homer’s Odyssey

The beguiling misty pink daybreak scene out my window looked as if it had been staged as a reenactment of the mythical tale.  It was spellbinding.

“You will come first of all to the Sirens, who are enchanters of all mankind and whoever comes their way; and that man who unsuspecting approaches them, and listens to the Sirens singing, has no prospect of coming home and delighting his wife and little children as they stand about him in greeting, but the Sirens by the melody of their singing enchant him.”

Homer’s Odyssey

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  1. Annie

    Wow! so beautiful.