Florence | Buongiorno, part two

If you read part one, you’ve experienced the first half of my one day layover in Florence.  The second half starts with lunch time, and I was directed to a restaurant frequented by the locals.

Trattoria del Pennello is a friendly neighborhood establishment that was, indeed, filled with a lively crowd of Florentine residents, like the above group that allowed me to photograph them.  The tables are topped with cheerful checked tablecloths, and the walls decorated with family photos and shelves holding rows of wine bottles.

As per usual, I started with an insalata caprese.

I’d like to show you the pasta, but I was so relaxed in the vibe of that leisurely Italian lunch, that I forgot to photograph it before I ate it.

Next on the agenda, a visit to David.  Michelangelo’s David, that is.  At the age of 26, Michelangelo was given a leftover block of marble, and his 17 foot tall statue of the man who killed Goliath is now a must-see symbol of Florence.

On the way to David, I passed this couple getting their caricature done.

The elaborately carved capitals of these columns are a juxtaposition to the shiny new merchandise being peddled by street vendors.

Gelato shop.  Detour.  Dessert!

This unassuming sign led to the Galleria dell’Accademia.  (Likely not official but, nonetheless, pointing in the right direction.)

Speaking of unassuming, the Galleria dell’Accademia is quite a modest looking building to house such an esteemed masterpiece.

I joined the queue with a woman that looked like a Modigliani painting.  (Not that there’s anything wrong with that.)

Photo: http://www.the-athenaeum.org

Inside, guards were positioned all around the statue so there was no chance to sneak a photo, and you know I would if I could.

Paying my respects to David, I irreverently thought to myself that his right hand looked particularly large and out of scale from this vantage point. 

Magnificent, nevertheless.

I wandered into the next room…and saw the caricature couple!  I just had to take a picture.  (Quick…only one guard, and he’s at the other end of the room.)

Later on I saw them arguing with the David guards because they wanted to take a picture in front of the statue.

In the gift shop, I was bombarded by David Mania.

Would someone really buy these plates and eat on them?  Or, even worse, hang them on their wall?

The David mania was not limited to the museum…it’s all over Florence.  (Does this replica’s head look extraordinarily big or is it just me?)

I don’t even know what to say about these aprons and boxer shorts.  Who buys this stuff?

OMG, there’s the caricature couple again!

Enough of David, I need to do some fashion window shopping.

Window shopping in Italy is never limited to clothing…look at these yummy sweets.

Wait a minute, there’s the caricature couple again.  Crazy!

I couldn’t resist going into Aspesi, an Italian brand known for down-filled everything…from jackets to vests to shirts, and even bags.

I bought a velvet handbag in a gorgeous olive-y green color.  Couldn’t resist.

It’s the end of the day and I walk back through Piazza della Repubblica.  Back past the al fresco diners, now having cocktails…

…and back past the carousel, its lights glowing in the dusk…

I stopped for dinner at Il Parione, a charming trattoria on a quiet street near Ponte Vecchio.  I’ve eaten there before, and it’s perfect, so why go anywhere else?

As I made my way back to the hotel, marveling that my feet were still intact, I came upon a jovial accordion player.  I dropped a few coins into his cup, and he wished me a heartfelt, “BUONA NOTTE!”

A good night to conclude an exceptionally good, and filled-to-the-brim day.


4 responses to “Florence | Buongiorno, part two”

  1. Jeannick

    Thank you again for taking me strolling through the streets of Florence as we say in France.  Your pictures remained me of how much I will never get tired of Italy. Thank you for sharing the Beauty, the flavored, the mood and the ordinary.

  2. admin

    David’s slingshot is in his left hand draped over his shoulder…

    I don’t think the caricature couple ever saw me.  I’m pretty sneaky.

  3. Orlene

    I’ve often wondered why David doesn’t have his slingshot in his hand and why he doesn’t have any clothes on.  Did the caricature couple think you were stalking them!?  HA! 
    I am amazed at all the things you did in that short of time…
    Thanks for sharing!

  4. Lisa

    Beautiful, as always. I wonder when the stopped allowing photos of David. I have one with me gazing up at his lovely derriere.