Italy | Miss GPS and Me

Driving in Italy, rule one: Have a GPS.  Rule two: Listen to it.  Rule three: Try not to let it drive you mad.

I arrived in Genoa, Italy today and rented a car to drive to Chiavari, where I will be staying for the next 12 days.  (More on that soon.)

Here’s my car.

In Italy there’s not a lot of muss and fuss about renting a car.  They pretty much hand you a key and point you in the direction of the parking lot, where you embark on a treasure hunt to find your car.  Once you walk around in circles three times to find it, you drive around in circles three more times until you find the exit. 

I digress.  The real point of this diatribe is the following…

Here’s the road.  Notice tunnel, a.k.a. inside of mountain.

If you spaced out because you’ve been traveling for 12 hours, and miss what Miss GPS tells you, you’re going to panic, because every time you go into a tunnel (which is at least every two minutes) you’re going to hear, “lost satellite reception,” and you’ll have no idea where you’re going when you get to the other end.

A side note: Each tunnel has a little sign telling the name of the mountain…pretty names like Monte Castelletto, and Castellino, and della Moranda. 

I will admit that there is absolutely no way I could drive in these parts without the help of Miss GPS.  Just imagine trying to look at a map while you’re navigating these tunnels.

That said, I was about ready to throw Miss GPS out the window if she said, “lost satellite reception” one more time. 

I had a moment of relief when I glanced to the side and saw this ocean of calm.  That’s literally and figuratively.

Then, and this really is the last straw, she tells me where to turn to get to Chiavari. 

Just listen to this. 

[wp_mmg type=”video” id=”100326″/]


She really needs to work on her Italian pronunciation if we’re going to get along.

One response to “Italy | Miss GPS and Me”

  1. Orlene

    OHHHHHH ITALY!!!!  I can’t wait to see and learn about your new adventures there.  Don’t like tunnels though…. never thought about having to travel through tunnels….hmmmmm…..may have to figure out alternative routes when we go there!  : )