Como | A. GI. EMME

A. GI. EMME is the quintessential chic Italian boutique, exemplifying exquisite taste.  It makes shopping easy, because every item is flawless.

This is description on their website:

“Aimed at Northern Italians for whom investment in quality fashion is a given, the shop offers understated tailoring, Italian knitwear, and more frivolous pieces.”

These men’s clothes are proof that they know what they’re talking about.

They carry cool Italian brands, Aspesi and Golden Goose, French brand, A.P.C., and Swedish brand, Acne . . . among other international and independent labels. 

Owner Adriano Monti has hit that relaxed, contemporary Italian look on the nose.  (Friendly and helpful, he’s in the store to help you perfect your wardrobe.)

These comfy Golden Goose men’s shoes are made to look like they’ve been worn for years.  (You pay extra for that, but it’s so worth it.)

Everything is displayed meticulously in wood shelving and on tables.  Who doesn’t love that kind of organization?

He’s got clothes for the whole family, and the kids clothes are as stylish as the adults’.

A. GI. EMME has the kind of classic, great quality clothes that will stay in your closet for years. 

And I’ll bet you anything George Clooney nips over from his house on the lake to stock his wardrobe!

Via Vittorio Emanuele 91

One response to “Como | A. GI. EMME”

  1. Edy

    Those clothes look amazing!  The sweaters look so soft, and the colors are lovely.  The idea of the “worn” look in the shoes is so clever!  Thanks for taking me there.