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Eye on Design | Bellagio | Saraceno

It was these necklaces in the window that stopped me in my tracks.

The store is Saraceno, and it’s in the charming town of Bellagio, on Lake Como.

The proprietor / designer is the store’s namesake, Silvia Saraceno.  She opened her store (and two others) eight years ago, after working for Giorgio Armani for 18 years.  Silvia designs all of the eye-catching jewelry, as well as gorgeous silk scarves and tunics, and cutting-edge handbags. Everything is made in workshops in Milan.

The “stones” in the necklaces (and earrings, too) that I saw in the window are made of resin, in a sublime color palette ranging from dusky blues and misty mauves to celery greens and mellow golds. 

These gorgeous chunky bangles are also made of resin, in the same heavenly hues.

Silvia adds fresh designs each season, and all are sold exclusively in her stores. 

These bracelets look great worn in multiples.

Silvia was a kindred spirit . . . someone with a similar eye for design.  She offered her expert advice on what “looked like me.” (She pegged my style off the bat: simple and understated, with a twist . . . a pop of color or sparkle)

I bought a simplified version of the necklace I’d seen in the window, in bronze-y topaz . . .

. . . and this bracelet, hand-beaded with freshwater pearls and labradorite . . .

. . . I just wish I’d bought one of those tunics.

I guess I’ll have to go back.

Via Garibaldi, 39
22021 Bellagio, Como
Tel. +39 031 950317

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  1. Patricia Willhoit at 5:56 pm

    I was recently at the store of saraceno and purchased a pair of earrings for a friend and 2 bracelets for myself Her store was a great find .. Also wish she had a website in order to purchase more of her wonderful jewels

  2. Beverly Jones at 4:05 pm

    I was recently in Bellagio and stopped abruptly when I passed the Saraceno shop at lakeside. The jewelry was magnificent! I purchased several bracelets and a pair of earrings. My husband and I were staying in Varenna for several days and had not planned to return to Bellagio…but I kept thinking of the things I had left behind. The next day we returned for more purchases. Truly beautiful things!

  3. silvia at 4:15 pm

    Darling Pamela ciao!!!! I am Silvia Saracen from Bellagio.How are you? I am fine still busy in my small store…. I am thinking of my next holiday in November and obviously need your help (sure it will be the best ).With my husband we would love to find a nice destination to relax in a nice hotel with lovely spa and wellness.Any recommandation? It does not have to be only Italy but not too far (we hate long flights). After your suggestion number 16 in London is our favorite hotel in England!I would really appreciate your ideas. Thank you in advance

  4. Rasha Siriani at 12:57 pm


    I was in Lake Como this July 2014, and sorta stumbled onto Silvia’s store, I love her personality instantaneously, and fell in love with her designs.  My regret is that I only bought one ring, when I should have bought so much more, and ofcourse I get comments on my ring all the time!.  Any changes in her selling methods, online? or through phone?  Would love to buy some more items.

    Regards from Dubai, UAE

  5. Thomas at 3:21 am

    Hi Pamela,

    I visited Bellagio last month and my girlfriend loved the items in Saraceno, but didn’t make a purchase. I’d like to get in touch with the store to order something as a present – would it be possible for you to send me an email address I can contact? Thank you very much for your help,


  6. Joanne at 3:17 pm

    Hello. I have been to this store in 2011 and bought the most amazing scarf. I still get comments about it.

    I am wondering if anyone knows if she has a shop in Firenze? I am in Italy at the moment but can’t make it to Bellagio.

    Any help would be great.

    • admin Author at 4:38 pm

      Silvia’s unique items are only available in her store in Bellagio, and she doesn’t have a website because she doesn’t ship things.

  7. Brenda at 2:43 pm

    I was just there at the end of September and have tried to reach out to Sylvia via email on her card.  It didn’t go through.  I would really like to communicate with her – can you provide me her correct email address?  I spent a ton of Euros there and met the whole family too!  Loved it!

  8. shirley Corey at 4:59 pm

    Would love to purchase from Saracenos’ again. Can you provide a way to email or obtain catalogue or any communication with Sylvia.

    Regards from New Orleans, LA.

  9. shirley Corey at 4:55 pm

    Your blog on Saraceno was a miracle.  I had just taken off my beloved silk blouse purchased from there in late June, 2007 while vacationing.  The blouse – a glorious bronze – is my favorite – and alas, is now wearing out.  In a last sentimental gesture I decided to once more try the internet to find the store before having to stop wearing the blouse.
    I had tried arduously years before to try to trace the source and order more. 

    But, lo, your blog appeared!  I am so grateful and had remembered that the owner had worked for Armini.  Does she have a webpage or email?  I would love to purchase from her again and let her know how very much I have enjoyed her special blouse.  Thank you for the great design global eye that you provide.  This is more than a coincidence.  It is meant to be!

  10. Marco at 5:24 pm

    Hi Pam.
    We were at Bellagio two weeks ago and ran into Silvia’s wonderful store. Having already been in Firenze and Genova, we had had our worth of outstanding, breathtaking and simply wonderful design stores of any sort you might think of (clothes, apparel, furniture, etc). We would have thought that nothing else could cause admiration anymore. But there was something in Saraceno’s showcase that just stopped us (me and my wife) dead on our tracks. We had to go in and have a closer look.
    What followed, was one and a half of the most hallucinating hours I have ever spent in Italy. Silvia was so charming, so inspiring and -have to say this- SO COMPLETELY SEDUCTIVE AND ATTRACTIVE that she seemed to cast a spell of admiration on both of us. All of her creations as well as herself are so perfectly made, exhibited and arranged, that everything in the store seems mesmerizing. Anything you would try on seemed to be a perfect, sophisticated, delicate and beautiful craft, exquisitely designed and manufactured to the highest standards.
    Our very nice and warm chat with Silvia enlightened as to the whys of this: she effectively had been Giorgio Armani’s right hand for many, many years, in charge of production of several of his lines of products.
    She noticed I was carrying a full fledged Digital DSLR, and once I told her I was a professional photographer, and even more, that my ancestors were originally from the lake besides Como, she seemed to become even more charming and enchanted.
    We left the store with 200 euros worth of her beautiful designs.
    She even told us why she had left Armani and come to Bellagio: for love, off course!!! She made us almost promise we would go by her main store, located in Bellagio’s Mainstreet, so we would meet her husband… which we obviously did. We then understood why she had left all behind. He was as nice and warm a person as Silvia herself. Not to mention that the Sareceno he tended to -mainly stocked with men apparel- was also a design and fashion haven.

    Seeing your blog, I really came to regret not having asked Silvia to pose for a couple of shots for me. I have pictures of most of the people we bought things to; mainly craftmen, artists and small entrepreneurs as Silvia herself. I think almost everything we bought is something special, probably hand made and has a very direct connection with the people we bought them from. Silvia was a perfect example of our “shopping philosophy”… I will miss having done her portrait for ever… but then, as you say, maybe that’s my reason to go back to Bellagio, a truly WONDERFUL place, by the way…
    Regards from Chile

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