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I was intrigued by these scarves with their oversized “hands” on each end.  A designer with a sense of humor?

Then I saw the wool caps with beards and I had to find out more.

Beardcap _Reykjavik_ Iceland

Leave it to Iceland to come up with outdoor winter wear that combines natural materials, local craftsmanship, and curious designs. 

The company is Vík Prjóndsóttir, a collaboration between designers, Brynhildur Pálsdóttir, Gudfinna Mjöll Magnúsdóttir, and Thuríður Sigurþórsdóttir. 

Vik Prjonsdottir designers

Using the warm and water-repellent wool from Icelandic sheep, they have created a whimsical collection of products that are inspired by ancient myths and legends.

Here is how they describe their inspiration for the scarves:

The Healing Hands scarves are inspired by Alaskan Shaman. The Shaman use healing hands to cure sick people and to clean out evil spirits.  Vík Prjónsdóttir´s Healing Hands are dedicated to the powers of the Shaman and are meant to give warmth and protection to the wearer.

Healing Hands_Reykjavik_Iceland

Healing hands_Reykjavik_Iceland

Then there’s those hilarious Beardcaps.  Even they have a story behind them.


Lambshed hoodA cap called the “lambshed hood,” was traditionally worn by Icelandic farmers.  The cap covered the head and neck, with a small opening for the face, for protection from the heavy snowstorms and extreme cold that the farmers had to brave.  Fast forward to the 21st century, and those witty Icelandic designers have come up with their version of the farmer’s lambshed hood…the Beardcap.


The designs from this clever and talented group aren’t limited to hats and scarves.  made in one of the last Icelandic knitting factories still in existence. They also make blankets (including a “Twosome” blanket with two hoods) and a cozy, one-piece “Seal Pelt” for both kids and adults.

Twosome blanket_Reykjavik_Iceland

Baby Seal Pelt_Reyjkavik_Iceland

They’ve already won awards for their designs…I can’t wait to see what Vík Prjóndsóttir comes up with next.

Some photos courtesy of Vík Prjóndsóttir website


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  1. Roz Cohn

    Remember Cornelius UKon from “Rudolph?”  That’s what the beards remind me of.  Love ’em!