FLEA MARKETS | Milan | Mercatone dell’Antiquariato

All year round, on the last Sunday of each month, the Mercatone dell’Antiquariato is held along the Navigli Canal in Milan.

This is one of my favorite flea markets in Europe, and I have found some of my best treasures here. It was here that I first discovered these stunning mid-century West German porcelain vases. The dealer, from Stuttgart, Germany, is a friend of a Milanese antique dealer…both are now friends of mine.

As always, I am drawn to unique shapes…like this tureen, tiered stand, and silver candelabra.

Giorgio and his wife have the most extensive collection of Italian ex votos I’ve ever seen. Made of sterling silver, they are devotional objects that were left at church altars as prayers for help or gratitude.

There’s always offbeat offerings like the doll head molds and plastic eyeballs.

These children’s books looked charming, standing up in a row.

In addition to the flea market, the canal is lined with antique shops and art galleries. Gino Gini and Fernanda Fedi are married artists that make “artist’s books.” They are well known in their field, and I love stopping to talk to them in their shop along the canal.

There’s snacks…big sacks of nuts, and a line out the door at the focaccia shop. You can see why. Delicious!

Brunch at Osteria di Porta Cicca is a great place to take a break in the action. It’s tastefully decorated and the food is fantastic. What more can one ask for?

Some dealers lay out their wares neat and orderly, like this collection of antique sewing needle cases.

Alternatively, I love the irony of this lion head on a table with delicate glass and porcelain. On purpose to draw attention, purposefully staged with humor, or simply arranged without a plan?

It’s a symbol for the market itself…always interesting, and always entertaining!


Mercatone dell'Antiquariato del Naviglio Grande

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  1. It looks fabulous, just an interesting mix of objects. I love all the ex-votos 🙂

    amicalement, Leeann