EXCEPTIONAL EATERIES | Como | Pane e Tulipani

Pane e Tulipani (translation: Bread and Tulips) can be found on a quiet street corner in Como, Italy. 

Both design and cuisine are perfection. 

Sit down at a scrubbed pine table with the warm breeze drifting through the door. Crisp carrot sticks and freshly-baked bread will be placed in front of you . . .  and you’ll want to sit there all day, because it’s not just the delicious food that’s the attraction, but also the relaxed and neighborly atmosphere.

There are tables outside if you want to soak up some sun.  (I prefer sitting inside.)

Heirloom tomatoes are lined up on the windowsill.  Nature as art.  Effortlessly perfect.

A time-worn sideboard holds vintage apothecary jars and covered glass cake stands, some filled with tempting sweets.

The kitchen is open to the dining area, where you can see the bowls of garden-fresh produce and jars of natural ingredients.

The first time I was there, I had this gorgeous salad.  I so appreciate food that is presented simply, yet artistically.  Let’s face it, it’s all about the design, and it’s a bonus if it also tastes good!

I went back recently and it got even better.  This is the cherry tomato salad, with cucumbers and red onions . . . pure and simple and delicious. 

The “light lunch” was “thin slices of chicken served warm with olive oil, lemon, and pistachios.”  I could eat this for lunch everyday. 

I even love the clever way in which the menu is written, categorized by “first”, “after”, and “after again.”

If you’re still hungry after the meal, there’s a selection of freshly-baked, delectable, and, of course, pretty, desserts.

There’s a lot of reasons to go to Como, in particular a magnificent lake . . . but, for me, this charming restaurant is a highlight. 

I can’t wait to go back.

Pane e Tulipani
Via Lambertenghi, 3
Como, Italy
+39 031 264242

2 responses to “EXCEPTIONAL EATERIES | Como | Pane e Tulipani”

  1. Orlene

    These servings looked delicious and perfect sized….and yes….pretty to look at too!  : )
    This will be fun.  I’m looking forward to future posts. 

  2. What fun posts these will be for the summer!  I’m sure I’ll be noting every restaurant for our future travel. This one looks fabulous. Have a lovely summer.