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nobis hotel_stockholm_sweden

When I told people that my Significant Other and I would be staying in two different hotels in Stockholm, they would look at me inquisitively. (The fact that we are divorced but still together means that out-of-the-ordinary is generally expected, but nonetheless bewildering.)

I would explain that what I meant was, we would be staying together in two different hotels in Stockholm. 

It’s what I like to do when I travel – not only to experience varied hotel styles, but also diverse neighborhoods in a city.

Our first accommodation was in the Nobis Hotel, located in the fashionable Normmalmstorg Square.

The Nobis opened in 2010, comprised of two connected buildings dating from the late 19th century. 

nobis-hotel-building-l-01-x2Nobis photo

The building has undergone an exquisite renovation, designed by Swedish architectural firm, Claesson Koivisto Rune.

A series of striking pendant lights fill the ceiling of the lobby.

Strength in numbers.

nobis hotel_stockholm_sweden

nobis hotel_stockholm_sweden

The awe-inspiring, cathedral-like, lounge (also pictured at top) is a lofty space with a ceiling painted like pixels, and two glorious glass domes with windows to the sky. 

nobis hotel_stockholm_sweden

The space is filled with groovy contemporary furnishings and artfully arranged accessories.

nobis lounge_stockholm_sweden

I loved the table-of-many-levels – form and function united.

nobis hotel_stockholm_sweden

Doors with leather-wrapped handles (the genius is in the details) lead to a series of public rooms, with guest rooms beyond.

nobis hotel_stockholm_sweden


nobis hotel_stockholm_sweden

These swirly-stiched leather chairs, and beautiful wooden tables with legs whose tops are visible on the surface, are used throughout.

nobis hotel_stockholm_sweden

The conference room table is downright magnificent.

nobis hotel_stockholm_sweden

Plant pots throughout the hotel are concealed with clever zippered canvas covers.

nobis hotel_stockholm_sweden

I’m always a fan of juxtaposing styles, but it’s a delicate balance. The minimal furnishings and contemporary lighting among the original architectural details of the Nobis building is an example of how it’s done well.

nobis hotel_stockholm_sweden

nobis hotel_stockholm_sweden

The understated guest rooms are furnished with crisp white bedding, soft gray wool blankets, cozy wool rugs on the gleaming wood floors, and those cool leather chairs.


Even the lower-level breakfast room – a hotel space that is often bereft of interesting design elements – has dramatic lighting overhead.

nobis hotel_stockholm_sweden

The hotel’s infamous Gold Bar, named for its golden mirrored walls and ceiling, was our favorite place to hang out at the end of a long day of exploring.

gold bar_nobis hotel_stockholm_sweden

In fact, we were so happy at the Nobis that I secretly had second thoughts about moving out of the city center to change hotels.

gold bar_nobis hotel_stockholm_sweden

As it turned out, I couldn’t have been happier when we arrived at our new hotel on the island of Skeppsholmen. 

Just wait ’till you see it.

Interesting side note about the Nobis Hotel location: The building once housed a bank that was the scene of an infamous bank robbery in 1973. Four employees of Kreditbanken were held hostage in the bank’s vault for six days, in which time they gained sympathy for, and loyalty to, their captor – giving birth to a psychological phenomenon that became known as the ‘Stockholm Syndrome.’

kredibanken robbery 10-23-73Police cars outside Kreditbanken, October 23, 1973

Nobis Hotel
Norrmalmstorg 2-4
Stockholm, Sweden

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  1. dorabyrne

    Beautiful pictures of a beautiful hotel. Divorced but still together. Hilarious concept. I guess after a certain age we all like our independence and autonomy but still desire companionship. Good for the two of you. What a lovely place.

  2. Orlene

    WOW!  What a beautiful place!  I particularly liked the “cloud” lighting in the breakfast room and the reflection of the two of you.  : )