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  • Bellagio | Barchetta Ristorante

    Bellagio | Barchetta Ristorante

    On the shores of Lake Como is a charming little village called Bellagio.  Steep steps lead up the mountain to tiny lanes buzzing with activity.  The garden terrace of Barchetta Ristorante is a tranquil respite, high above the madding crowds.

  • Eye on Design | Como | Salute to Summer

    Eye on Design | Como | Salute to Summer

    On a recent trip to Lake Como, Italy, my hotel served these colorful tropical drinks by the pool . . . a charming, simple idea for an end-of-summer barbecue or cocktail party. It’s as easy as this: Cut the top off, and lightly scoop out (leave some of the fruit on the sides), grapefruits, coconuts,…