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  • People of the World

    People of the World

    This is Bob Beveridge, in his secondhand violin / collectible shop in Falkland, Scotland. He is playing the prized guitar that was given to him by Roseanne Cash, when she and her famous father traced their roots back to this small village in the Kingdom of Fife. At the risk of missing my bus back…

  • The World in a Little Blue Book

    The World in a Little Blue Book

    My passport is full.  Each of the stamps on those little blue pages represents an encounter, an adventure, an education, an accomplishment, a story.  I had to go to the passport office to have new pages inserted, and as I sat there waiting, I flipped through, and remembered.  These are some of my favorite photos…

  • Not Part of the Exhibit

    Not Part of the Exhibit

    I love museums.  There is always something that inspires me, and I invariably learn something new with each visit…but I am also intrigued by aspects of museums that aren’t part of the exhibit.

  • Venice | Hotel Flora

    Venice | Hotel Flora

    Disembark the vaperetto at Piazza San Marco, dodge the tourists and pigeons as you make your way out of the square (to the soundtrack of the live orchestra) and into Calle Largo.  Cross over the canal where rows of gondolas are awaiting customers.  Turn left into the tiny alley by the Bulgari store, and you’ll…

  • Eye on Design | The Art of Daily Life

    Eye on Design | The Art of Daily Life

    Have you ever been literally stopped in your tracks by the simple beauty of bread in a bakery window?  I am constantly surprised by the splendor that can be found in everyday life.  These unintentional commonplace vignettes can be every bit as awe-inspiring as a great work of art in a museum.