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  • Dublin | The Little Museum

    Dublin | The Little Museum

    There’s a Georgian townhouse on St. Stephen’s Green in which the history of twentieth century Dublin fills the rooms. It is called The Little Museum of Dublin. It’s like being in the home of an elderly aunt that can’t get rid of anything – except that, in this case, each and every one of the…

  • Dublin | The Fumbally

    Dublin | The Fumbally

    On the corner of New South Street and Fumbally Lane in Dublin is a large, modern apartment building.  Follow your nose into the door at its corner, and step into the cavernous, cozy, warm, welcoming café that is The Fumbally. Here’s the exterior: And here’s what you encounter when you step through the door: The…

  • Dublin | Pub Crawl

    Dublin | Pub Crawl

    [A repeat post for St. Patrick’s Day] It was my first day in Dublin, and I had covered a lot of ground – but when I wandered into the Temple Bar neighborhood, and heard the music coming out of each and every pub, I really felt like I was in Ireland.

  • Weird but Wonderful | Dress Code

    Weird but Wonderful | Dress Code

    “Every beer garden needs a well dressed guy & girl.” Dublin, Ireland

  • Weird but Wonderful | Double Meaning

    Weird but Wonderful | Double Meaning

    “Man eating chicken.” Sign in front of a restaurant in Dublin, Ireland

  • Eye on Design | Dublin | Avoca Style

    Eye on Design | Dublin | Avoca Style

    Avoca is a fabulous store in Ireland that sells all manner of great Irish products…but it was in the café where I found eye-catching design ideas, including the magnificent Mediterranean platter laid out on a vintage wooden cutting board like a work of art. 

  • Dublin | Little Girl, Big Talent

    Dublin | Little Girl, Big Talent

    When I saw the little girl with the pony tail setting up her microphone on Grafton Street in Dublin, I thought, “How cute.”  When she opened her mouth to sing, a song that she had written herself, I was mesmerized. Ashley is nine years old. The schoolgirl from Mullingar, Ireland, picked up her sister’s guitar…