TRAVEL TIPS | Three fave essentials

TRAVEL TIPS | Three fave essentials

Travel product alert! I will never again leave home without these three items. Ever.

The holy grail of travel attire.They are made of a magical stretchy, no-wrinkle, lightweight and breathable material. Not only are they comfortable for the plane, they looked as good after an eight-hour flight as when I first put them on. Win, win.

They’re machine washable, but I’ve also washed them by hand in a hotel sink and they are dry by the next morning. Choose from a plethora of different styles and colors—my faves are the Kate skinny cargos.

Best thing since sliced bread.There are many versions of portable chargers out there, but most require additional cords and plugs—which, when traveling, is a big fat nuisance.

The great thing about this one, from Heloideo, is the charging cables are all attached. And, folded into the back, is the AC prong—which means you can plug the thing right into the wall, without the use of a cable and outlet cube. (Overseas, I just plug it into my adaptor.)

Oh, how I love an organized suitcase.Unzip the cubes (these are from Tripped travel gear) and fold your clothes into them. Then, presto chango, zip up the sides to make them half the size! (This doesn’t mean you should pack more—you know who you are—it’s just meant to keep your streamlined travel wardrobe neat and tidy.)

You’ll also find these products on my Don’t Leave Home Without list and Just One Suitcase packing list.

Bon voyage!

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