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  • Italy | The Joy of Cooking

    Italy | The Joy of Cooking

    Passing by Ristorante Buca di Bacco in Positano one day, I noticed a raucous group of tourists with aprons on, and wine glasses in hand, in the kitchen. It looked like a party, but upon further inspection, I discovered that it was a cooking class. I signed up immediately. The next day I arrived at…

  • Style Moment | Positano, Italy

    Style Moment | Positano, Italy

    “When the sad day arrives and you have to leave for wherever you live in the world, Positano will be waiting to welcome you back.  You will return.  Almost everyone does. Ci vediamo.” Ed Wittstein (1929-2011) American scenic designer.  He made Positano his second home for more than thirty years, and chronicled his life there…

  • Positano | Le Sirenuse

    Positano | Le Sirenuse

    “We went to the Sirenuse, an old family house converted into a first class hotel, spotless and cool, with grape arbors over its outside dining rooms. Every room has its little balcony and looks out over the blue sea to the islands of the sirens from which those ladies sang so sweetly.” This was how…

  • Amalfi Coast | The Sirens

    Amalfi Coast | The Sirens

    One morning I looked out from my balcony in Positano and saw this ship sailing across the harbor, in front of the islands of Homer’s famous sirens.  The Li Galli islands in the distance are where those famous seductresses lured sailors to their deaths in Homer’s Odyssey. 

  • Positano | It’s Real

    Positano | It’s Real

    When I first got to Positano, I texted a photo to a close friend. Her response was, “This is a real place?” Gazing out at the astonishing vertical village rising up from the sea, I had exactly the same thought.