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    In Lisbon there are scores of fado music shows, pretty much everywhere you look — but if you know anything about me, you’ll understand that the last thing I wanted to see was a show for tourists. So I found Tasco do Jaime da Graça. It’s now one of my Top Ten Travel Experiences. What’s…

  • LOS ANGELES | Restaurant | POT

    LOS ANGELES | Restaurant | POT

    While I was working in Los Angeles, art directing Food Network show, “Daphne Dishes“, I got the opportunity to eat at some fabulous restaurants. POT, the latest venture from celebrated L.A. chef, Roy Choi, is a restaurant not to be missed. Choi’s meteoric rise to fame is like a movie script.  Fired from a prominent…

  • Stockholm | Långa Raden Restaurant

    Stockholm | Långa Raden Restaurant

    I like to eat as much as the next guy, but what really gets me excited is how the food looks. The cuisine in the Långa Raden restaurant at Hotel Skeppsholmen was delicious – but the best part is that it was perfectly styled. I mean, just look at that basket of bread and butter,…

  • EXCEPTIONAL EATERIES | Copenhagen | Nimb Brasserie

    EXCEPTIONAL EATERIES | Copenhagen | Nimb Brasserie

    It was my first night in Copenhagen and I was feeling the effects of an overnight flight full of screaming babies. I knew I needed to stay awake to acclimate, and the only way to do that is to go out. Within the grounds of Tivoli, the famous historical amusement park, is a fabulous (and…

  • EXCEPTIONAL EATERIES | Seville | Redhouse Art & Food

    EXCEPTIONAL EATERIES | Seville | Redhouse Art & Food

    Behind a massive, graffiti-covered door in Seville, Spain is a café.  And a bar.  And an art gallery.  And an antique store.  It’s all in one room, and it’s called Redhouse Art and Food. The folks at Redhouse have taken over a large, industrial space for their unique creative enterprise. It was late afternoon, and…

  • EXCEPTIONAL EATERIES| Vancouver | Nelson the Seagull

    EXCEPTIONAL EATERIES| Vancouver | Nelson the Seagull

    Bread and coffee are the mainstays of the menu at Nelson the Seagull, but that’s not all – and it’s not just any old bread and coffee… The bread is freshly baked all day long, and the expertly brewed espresso coffee is perfection.  Jonathan Snelgar and his two sisters, Jodi Balfour and Lee Snelgar, moved…

  • Reykjavik | Bæjarins Beztu Pylsur

    Reykjavik | Bæjarins Beztu Pylsur

    No matter how cold it is in Reykjavik, there’s always a long queue at this hot dog stand.

  • Rekyjavik | Forétta Barinn

    Rekyjavik | Forétta Barinn

    I left design store Netagerdin Work & Shop fully intending to walk directly back to my hotel…but right next door, in the old fishing net factory, was an inviting, designer-y restaurant calling to me to come in.

  • Bellagio | Barchetta Ristorante

    Bellagio | Barchetta Ristorante

    On the shores of Lake Como is a charming little village called Bellagio.  Steep steps lead up the mountain to tiny lanes buzzing with activity.  The garden terrace of Barchetta Ristorante is a tranquil respite, high above the madding crowds.